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#4: ASUS ASUS RT-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router

Update (10/1/12):
I downgraded the firmware back to 164. Since I upgraded the firmware to 220, I have already rebooted the router about 4~5x, the internet connection suddenly stops. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel that the router is a bit warmer when I touch it using firmware 220. I don't have any temperature measuring device so I can't confirm that it's really warmer (I did not adjust the transmit power setting, fyi).

Update (9/12/12):
I updated the firmware to version, and the 2 previous problems I stated is still existing.. I don't mind it that much but I still hope Asus fixes it soon. Workaround for 1.) I connect my PC to 2.4Ghz. 2.) I use Splashtop from my iPhone to connect to my home PC from office.

AiCloud looks promising, supposedly you could view/play your media files from your iphone/ipad and android devices within and outside your network. But I'm stuck with the loading page, after I put my login user and password. My iphone can't login. Can anyone confirm if the aicloud works?

Update (8/30/12):
So far have encountered 2 problems with the latest firmware (

1. I'm using Nero Media Home 4 in my PC to share my media to my wireless TV, Bluray and PS3. When my PC is connected to 5Ghz, the tv, bluray and ps3 cannot connect to Nero. When I connect to 2.4Ghz, they can see Nero and play the media. This works fine with N66U.

2. I have setup port forwarding for Remote Desktop Connection, so I can connect to my home PC from my office. It's not working. This again, is working fine with N66U.

QOS is also a known problem, but I'm not using it for now. I believe it's just a firmware issue since both are working with N66U. I hope it gets fixed with the next firmware release.

Original Review:
I bought this to share my media files, from an external hard drive, to my 3d tv and wireless bluray in bedroom. So far I'm not disappointed. I also have N66U to compare with, I've read from other reviewers that this router gets hot, when I touch the top part, it is warm but not hot, which is the same with my N66U.

This is suppose to have a greater coverage compare to N66, but to my experience, the coverage is the same, which is already awesome.

Initial setup was very straightforward, easy, fast and CD-less. Below are the actual steps after opening the box:
1. Connect LAN cable from modem, LAN cable going to PC, and power cable
2. Open web browser. Router setup page automatically shows up. Click Next
3. Type the User login and Password that you want. Click Next
4. Type the SSID and key for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz (or you can click the checkbox: Copy 2.4Ghz settings to 5Ghz settings). Click Apply.
After that, your wireless device should now be able to connect to your new router. I even used the same SSID and password from my previous router, and my devices connected automatically after the setup.

These are my devices that connects to this router:
- 3 laptops
- 2 Iphones
- Ipad
- wireless tv
- wireless bluray
- PS3
- wireless printer
No problem with connections, no disconnects, iphones when outside the apartment are still connected.

- Media Bridge mode. Applicable using 2 AC66U. This feature is not available to N66U
- Dual band, 450Mbps+1300Mbps. I can't comment with the AC speeds, I don't have wireless AC clients for now.
- HTTPS authentication when accessing admin page. If your using this for office/business use, this is plus.
- AiCloud. Coming soon, the app is not yet available from the appstore/googleplay as of this review. (This is now available as of firmware version
- 2 USB ports. Supports external hard drives, printers or 3g/4g modems
- 3TB external harddrive works (Manual says only up to 2TB is supported). Tested using Seagate expansion 3TB STBV3000100. My TVs won't even accept 3TB harddrives when connected directly to its usb ports.
- DHCP Manual IP assignment (if you need static private IP on your device)
- DLNA. Streams HD vids, pics and 3D vids to my LG tv and my LG bluray player, no lags, no disconnects. And this is even using wireless connection and not wired.
- Awesome range. Before, I was using a cheap netgear, single band 2.4Ghz, included from my ISP. From the farthest point in my apartment, I get 2 bars of signal in windows 7 wireless network connection settings. With AC66U, I get full 5 bars using 2.4Ghz, and 4 bars on the 5Ghz band.
- 3 Large external antennas
- Download Master (if your into P2P downloading/uploading)
- Option to vertically stand the router, or wall mount
- User friendly setup
- Impressive performance particularly on 5Ghz band
- Stylish looks and superb quality
- Ability to install 3rd party firmwares

- Steep price (but worth it!)
- Lack of USB 3.0 (not a big deal, since I don't get usb 2.0 speeds for file transfer using FTP or Samba, which I already know before purchasing this)
- Manual is a bit helpful, but this router has tons of features and the manual only mentions the basic functionalities.

If you got the money, and want a great performing router and stylish as well, I Highly Recommend Asus RT-AC66U. If you're about to buy N66U, just add $20~30 to your budget, and get this router, you won't regret.

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